LGBTQIA+ Support

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LGBTQIA+ Support

In today’s world, the challenges facing the LGBTQIA+ community keep increasing, making it hard for them to find the gender-affirming care they need and increasing their risk for mental health problems.

Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services proudly offers a Gender Care Program that provides inclusion, education, and guidance for folx on their journey and the therapists who work with them. Whether you need therapy, a letter of medical necessity, or information and guidance on third-party medical providers, our dedicated Gender Care Client Care Coordinator can help make this process as stress-free as possible.

Why is therapy an important LGBTQIA+ service?

The LGBTQIA+ community faces many unique needs and challenges that increase their risk of developing mental health conditions.

While many are confident in their gender identity, others struggle with gender dysphoria. Therapy helps those with gender dysphoria work through their mental and emotional distress and explore their gender identity.

At the same time, people who stand strong in their gender identity may need help navigating other transgender and gender-diverse issues, such as when and how to seek gender-affirming medical care and obtaining a letter of medical necessity.

Everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community deals with daily stress as they face discrimination, oppression, and violence. For example:

  • 86% of LGBTQIA+ students are assaulted or harassed at school
  • Less than one-third of transgender and nonbinary youth live in a gender-affirming home
  • 30-60% of LGBTQIA+ adults aged 18-64 have anxiety or depression

At every age, the LGBTQIA+ community has a much higher risk for anxiety, trauma, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The caring Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services team can help you cope, regain confidence, and plan a path toward a thriving life, no matter your challenges.

What is gender-affirming care?

Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services defines a new standard of mental health care for transgender and gender-diverse individuals.

The team specializes in caring for your gender-related healthcare needs. They’re skilled therapists, serve as advocates, and stay up-to-date with the gender care options for meeting your medical needs.

Their Gender Care Client Care Coordinator helps you find care with expert surgeons and medical providers. The team serves as informed guides, supporting your path to a healthy life and following the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) guidelines.

As specialists in gender-affirming care, their clinicians offer a single session to help you navigate services and obtain a letter of medical necessity for medical care. You can also schedule ongoing therapy sessions for gender dysphoria.

Can LGBTQIA+ services also help me with coming out?

Your Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services provider can help address your concerns and guide you through the coming-out process.

Therapy is a safe way to explore your feelings and discuss the risks and advantages of coming out. Planning and preparing for the potential emotional fallout will make it easier to share your gender identity.

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