How much will my sessions cost?

We know that therapy is an expense and also an investment in yourself. 

Tl;Dr: $50/130/160/225 and up. We try to keep your costs as low as possible by offering sliding scale fees or sometimes only charging your coinsurance amount.

If you have insurance: First, we determine your insurance benefits, any deductibles, and what your cost/copay/coinsurance will be. Because every plan is different, and because insurance coverage can be constantly changing, we do our best to tell you what your current copay will be (if you are an Aetna member) or we will determine a fee based upon your budget. We also proudly offer “Courtesy Billing” for clients with out of network benefits where we do all the legwork of submitting claims and only charge you the coinsurance. 

If you do not have insurance: If insurance is not involved, our therapists’ self-pay rates range from $50-400 depending on credential, service, time of year and your financial need. 

During the academic year, we host Advanced Clinical Interns who can offer even steeper sliding scale rates!

Email us today so we can figure it out for you!

Why does therapy potentially cost so much? 

Such a real question! A combination of our “healthcare” system and increasing living costs creates a conundrum for psychotherapists: how do I help people in financial need but also afford my own needs, as well as have enough security to keep being able to work on becoming a better, less-stressed therapist? Our group practice model resolves this by catering to budgets both high and low, so that proceeds go back into supporting our therapists’ professional and personal development, as well as allow us to provide access to care for clients with varying budgets. 

Additionally, we are the antithesis of the growing mental health tech industry, which seeks to enlist thousands of therapists (because they get paid for every therapist they hire) but then they don’t provide any benefits for their therapists, and simply prey upon insured members who are forced to remain in-network. Some of these companies are also getting into hot water for data mining/selling data, underpaying their therapists, or terminating therapists with no advance notice to clients!

By choosing a therapist at BIPS, you are helping more than just yourself - you are helping “the little guy” stand up to big corporations who are solely profit-driven and don’t care one bit about improving the healthcare industry.

How do I bill insurance?

You don’t have to! We can take care of the A-Z for you, but if you want to submit your own Superbill we can email you a Superbill after every session (or monthly) to provide to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

What is a deductible?

A deductible is a dollar amount your insurance may need you to satisfy before they begin reimbursing for your services. Some plans have waived deductibles for mental health, or are waiving deductibles only during the Covid health emergency. If your deductible applies, you may need to pay a higher amount before your cost drops to your coinsurance amount.

Can I pick my therapist?

Sure! If you resonate with one of our therapists you are welcome to indicate your interest in working with them. Some may not be accepting new clients, in which case we will refer you to someone with a similar style. If you have a gender preference, we will honor that request when we match you with someone. If you have another preference, we take that into consideration when we match you but we do not readily disclose our therapists’ personal information.

How has COVID-19 affected receiving therapy? What if I am living outside of NY right now?

COVID-19 has created a lot of strain on healthcare services and healthcare professionals. This means it may be harder to find a therapist, or you may notice that your therapist seems to have a lot on their plate. We are all doing our best to prioritize our own self-care and continuing education so that we are best-prepared to serve you. We are human, too, and can empathize with how difficult recent events have been for all.

If you have relocated temporarily, and have a return date to NY, we can serve you. If you have indefinitely or permanently moved out of NY state, we will need to see if we are permitted to treat you while out of state. We are temporarily licensed in some states which allow temporary licensure during the health emergency. 

Do you prescribe medications, provide treatment records, or do neuropsychological evaluations?

Unfortunately, no. If you are in need of these services we can refer you to other professionals who may be able to assist you. We have a network of highly competent and friendly providers of these services.

How is my personal information protected?

We keep all of your personal health information securely locked and provide end-to-end encryption in all of our systems using Paubox. We are a mostly paper-less practice, and use the most rigorously HIPAA-secure platforms on the market. We do not share your info to any unauthorized person or entity, nor spam you. 

I’m new to therapy, how does this all work?

Welcome! Psychotherapy sessions are usually 45-60 minutes, once per week. Longer, shorter, or more frequent sessions can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. We ask that our clients make the best effort to commit to weekly sessions, but if a session is missed, we will offer a make-up session. Sessions that are not made up will incur a pre-determined fee based upon your therapist’s rate.

What if I travel often, or have a fluctuating work schedule?

We understand that some folx have unpredictable schedules. We will do our best to match you with a therapist who can offer flexible scheduling, but we will still encourage you to attend 4 sessions per month. If this isn’t possible due to truly extraneous circumstances, that’s ok, but if you miss 2+ sessions in a month your case will be subject to review. We value our therapists' time as well, so we hold a strict 24-hour cancelation policy.

I’ve loved working with your practice, how can I show gratitude?

The best compliment is a referral! We love word-of-mouth referrals, but we also appreciate positive reviews on Google :) If you have any dissatisfaction, please contact us directly and we will resolve the issue personally and privately.